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Young Workman Gets A Good Fucking on Massage Rooms
December 1, 2016
For Alexis, there's nothing sexier than a man who knows how to use his hands. The beautiful masseuse comes to work to find maintenance guy Dom tightening the screws on her massage bed and has to sneak behind a screen to masturbate. When she realizes Dom has pulled a muscle in his back, the horny healer offers to help work it out. While rubbing his back, she takes off her shirt to offer him a special skin-to-skin massage. At the sight of Alexis's perky tits, Dom's dick hardens. She oils him up for a slippery handjob, then slips out of her pants so they can 69. Dom forgets all about his bad back as he fucks the pretty blonde, then sprays thick ribbons of cum across her tight teen ass.

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