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Multiple orgasms for petite nympho on Massage Rooms
September 18, 2017
Gina Gerson is ready to relax with a talented massage therapist by the name of Max. With flowers flowing through her hair, Gina has come to the studio ready to let go of the stress of the outside world. Max suggests the petite babe lie down on her back, so Gina complies by slowly removing her robe in preparation for the massage, revealing her perky, tiny tits. Max begins to work on Gina's shoulders, using his healing hands to trace a line of serenity from her round booty down through her toes. As Max manipulates her digits, Gina feels her pussy get wet, so when Max slides a finger in, it doesn't take long for her to achieve orgasm. Max drives Gina wild by playing with her clit, and after she has cum a few more times, Gina takes control and sucks softly on Max's big balls. She mounts the massage therapist and rides his cock hard, orgasming the entire time, before wanking him off onto her mound in a satisfying finale.

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