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Sexy Afghan babe has sensual orgasm on Massage Rooms
November 20, 2017
Sexy Afghan babe Yasmeena has booked herself a massage with Max and waits patiently in the low-lit room, anticipating the relaxation to come. From the shadows emerges Max's chiseled body, his bulging cock covered only by a thin layer of white cloth. Moving behind Yasmeena, Max starts the massage at her shoulders, his strong hands releasing the tension from her overworked muscles. As Max probes into the knots in Yasmeena's back, her towel begins to exposure her natural tits. Turned on by her sexy therapist, Yasmeena doesn't mind, allowing the towel to fall completely. Max pours oil down her chest and massages her tits, then continues to pour the oil into the Afghan's babe shaved pussy. Using one hand to play with her clit and his other hand to finger her, Max makes Yasmeena cum. The pair fuck on the massage table, and Yasmeena gives Max a blowjob, then has him tit-fuck her until he cums on her chest!

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