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Creampie sex for horny French babe on Massage Rooms
August 21, 2017
Max Dyor
Tiffany has really been looking forward to this massage, and when she sees how sexy her muscular masseuse is, she knows it's going to be a great one! Max starts by rubbing her feet with his strong hands, making her want to feel him touch her all over! The massage hunk pulls off Tiffany's towel and spreads warm oil over her back, and as he works his way down to her round ass and creamy thighs, she's definitely feeling some tingles! Once Max has Tiffany turn face-up, she meets his gaze so that he can see exactly how delicious he's making her feel, and as he leans low to massage her thighs, he finally kisses her. Max puts his skilled hands to work rubbing Tiffany's clit and slipping inside her wet pussy until she cums before Tiffany pulls him down so she can ride his thick cock! At the end of this special multiorgasmic massage, she asks him to cum inside her and Max is more than happy to oblige!

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