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Blonde lesbian's orgasmic massage on Massage Rooms
August 10, 2017
Amy Red
Victoria Pure finds herself on Amy Red's massage table complaining of back pain brought about by work and stress. Lucky for Victoria, Amy is a pro, and gets right to work releasing the painful tension from overworked muscles. Amy's smooth, sensual touch sends tingles down Victoria's sore spine, and the latter coyly asks if Amy has a boyfriend. Lucky for the blonde babe, Amy answers she does not, as she pours oil down Victoria's back. Now even more turned on, Victoria asks Amy if maybe she'll massage a bit lower? It's unorthodox, but Amy agrees: Victoria is cute, after all, so why not? As Amy rubs the oil into Victoria's ass and then into her tight pussy, the two women just can't contain themselves anymore, ripping off their clothes and passionately kissing. Soon, both lesbians are tasting each other in a sexy 69 that sees both babes moaning in pleasure. After taking turns bringing each other to orgasm, the ladies lie back arms intertwined. Victoria's tension is most certainly a memory!

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